Jim Vogt for Sheriff
Clear Creek County
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Currently What I See at the Sheriff's Office and My Vision for the Future

What I See: Since the current sheriff’s administration took office in 1994, their budget has increased by 20% per year for a total budget increase of 300%.

My Vision: I will rein in this $5 Million budget increase by instituting Effective and Efficient budget controls, saving taxpayer’s money. I will immediately request a budget audit through the County Commissioners.

What I See: A lack of community involvement and communication.

My Vision: I will actively promote community involvement for all of the sheriff’s office employees. We will focus on open communication with community and public leaders. We will work to keep you informed by attending your homeowner’s association gatherings and civic meetings and keeping the community informed. I would like to see deputies patrolling neighborhoods and stopping to chat our neighbors and businesses. We will all benefit from this.


What I See: Delayed response time to calls for service due to deputies constantly having to go to the sheriff's office in Georgetown.

My Vision: I will de-centralize some of the patrol functions to provide more efficient response to calls for service throughout the entire county.

What I See: Unfortunately, the sheriff and undersheriff do not participate in the highly beneficial collaboration meetings with the monthly Denver UASI Homeland Security board meeting, the county-wide Public Safety Committee meeting, the CDOT I-70 Mountain Corridor Safety group, county-wide Law Enforcement command staff policy meetings, home and property owner's meetings, emergency planning exercises, and activities at the Clear Creek County Schools.  

My Vision: I will continue to be an active participant with all of these dynamic groups. My involvements will only increase as will the supervisors and patrol deputies. I will continue to represent the interests of all Clear Creek County Residents through my collaboration with the Denver area Homeland Security / Urban Area Security Initiative, CDOT and agencies within or adjacent to Clear Creek County.


What I See: A significant morale issue as it relates to the current administration’s policy of allowing nepotism hiring and the resulting chain of command breakdown.

My Vision: I will abide by the County’s Personnel Rules and Procedures.


What I See: There are eight patrol deputies and two investigators are supervised by the sheriff, undersheriff, major, four captains, and three sergeants. That’s 10 sworn road deputies who could receive orders from 10 different supervisors.

My Vision:  In law enforcement, one supervisor should oversee between four and seven subordinates; with five considered ideal. Through restructuring, some supervisory positions will be converted into adding more patrol deputies. This puts more deputies out in the communities where they belong and not in the office. Along with that, all supervisors from the sheriff on down will be required to work occasional patrol shifts.

What I See: The current administration, without collaboration, cancelled the construction order of a Department of Homeland Security funded $435,000 all-wheel drive, mobile communications truck that was being provided at no cost to Clear Creek County. This communication truck would have been able to reach remote areas during an emergency and was to be available for Clear Creek, Gilpin, and Evergreen Emergency Services. Instead, the current sheriff purchased a used, full sized (Class A) recreational vehicle (RV) from the parents of one of his command staff. It is being retrofitted with the full cost being paid by the Citizen's of Clear Creek County. It will not be able to be driven off of paved roads. When asked why this was done, the sheriff's office stated that "we didn't want to have to share it". 

My Vision: I will do what I can to obtain grants and offset monies to better equip all of the agencies in Clear Creek County while decreasing the cost to taxpayers. I will not participate in this "good 'ole boy" system. I will work with our surrounding agencies and counties so that we can all be prepared to work together when major events happen.


What I See: Deputy Beau Campbell, the School Resource Officer does a great job. His salary is paid roughly 60% by the sheriff’s office and 40% from the school district.

My Vision: We are all acutely aware that the Clear Creek School District is short on money. I would like to take over Beau’s entire salary with the caveat that the yearly money savings be returned to the school district to be used strictly for safety education or security enhancements. I would like to see the first year’s money go to completing the school’s radio interoperability infrastructure. This began from a grant written by Beau and Superintendent Jeff Miller and was awarded to the High School.


What I See: At this time, an Incident Management Plan has not been produced to address the aftermath of the Beetle killed trees in our forests. The USFS says that in five to seven years, upwards of 100,000 pine trees per day will be falling in our forests due to rotting tree roots and weather events. This will endanger outdoor enthusiasts as well as motorists.

My Vision: Planning, education and mitigation are the methods needed to protect the public. Some of the high winds that we get have the potential to knock down wide swaths of dead trees, blocking roads and access points as well as causing property damage. We need to develop plans now to prepare for these unfortunately inevitable situations that will occur in the future.

(More to come. Thank you for your time.)

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