Jim Vogt for Sheriff
Clear Creek County
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About Jim:

·        A Colorado native and for over the past 20 years has lived on Floyd Hill, in the Brook Forest area of Evergreen, and currently lives in York Gulch.

·        Master's Degree education level in Criminal Justice with a focus on Public Administration and Emergency Operations focus.

·        A 25 year law enforcement veteran, including 14 years with the Idaho Springs Police Department

·        Command and General Staff for 19 of my 25 years.

·        Married to his wife, Stephanie for 20 years.

·        We live off-grid in a log home we built.

·        Steph is a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse.

·        They have one son, at Georgetown Community School. Two dogs, too.

·        Former president of the York Gulch Homeowner’s Association.

·        Stephanie is on the school board for the Georgetown Community School and is the former president.

·        Both volunteer at GCS.

·        Jim has a long history of working with Science Fair students and judging Exhibits at Carlson.


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